How to: Remove Dollfie Dream bust parts

Some people asked if I could do a guide on how to remove Dollfie Dream bust parts, so I took some time out and got one done. Sadly the weather has been awful so the shots are poor quality but should be enough to illustrate the technique. Just forgive me for not making them all pretty ok?

Step 1:

First of all get your doll, undress her from the waist upward and sit down somewhere comfortable.

Step 2:

Raise the dolls arm, straighten it out to the angle as seen in the picture above, then grab the arm at the point closest to the shoulder and pull the arm out. I didn’t pull at the shoulder for illustration only, if you pull at a point below the elbow, you will only pull out the forearm. Do this with both arms.

Step 3:

Next we need to remove the head. Tightly pinch at the top of the neck and grasp the top of the head. While holding the neck firm, pull the head upwards until it comes off. For full instructions of head removal click here.

Step 4:

Once the head and both arms are removed, then firmly grasp the chest piece whichever way feels more comfortable to you. Once you have a good grip, then pull upwards. There will be a fair bit of friction so be prepared to pull a lot.

Step 5:

Once you get it about half way off it becomes pretty tight. I find at this point it’s best to lift the edges of the bust part and gently peel it upward a bit at a time. Do this as many times as it takes to get the bust fully off.

Step 6:

Once you have fully removed the bust part, the DD body should look like this. When you get around to putting the new bust on, you simply push it back on, then replace the head and arms the opposite way to how you removed them. Simples~


One thought on “How to: Remove Dollfie Dream bust parts

  1. Thank you for posting this. I bought a second hand DDII and wanted to change out the bust but the neck piece was broken/ modified so I was not to sure how to proceed until I saw your posting.

    Thank you

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