How to: Remove a Dollfie Dream head

If you have never done it before, removing your dolls head can be very daunting, but it really needn’t be. Removing Dollfie Dream and Mini Dollfie Dream heads is quick, easy and simple to do. Its the same process for both Dollfie Dream and Mini Dollfie Dream, so if you can change one, you can change them all!

Step 1:

Firmly grip the are at the top of the neck, just below the head. You should feel a hard ball inside if you are holding onto the right place.  Hold firmly onto the ball.

Step 2:

While still holding onto the ball in the neck, use your other hand to firmly grasp the head and pull upwards. This can be a bit tough to do the first time, but becomes much easier. They’re of pretty sturdy construction, so unless you are ruthless, you shouldn’t have a problem with any breakages.

Step 3:

Continue pulling and you should then have the head safely in your hands, detached from it’s body. Congratulations. (Does anyone else find the shape of the neck post…kinda…questionable?)

Now, once you have the head removed, you probably want to remove the head cap too. This is just as easily done. Here’s how.

Step 1:

Hold firmly onto the head, one hand above the line, one hand below. You will need both hands, but I couldn’t photograph myself using 2 hands at once.

Step 2:

Maintaining a firm grasp with both hands, move the head. You should firmly squeeze the bottom part of the head together and twist the top part. After a twist and squeeze or two, the head cap should pop off a bit like above.

Step 3:

Once you have got the headcap to pop up, you should then just be able to pull the two sections apart like so.


9 thoughts on “How to: Remove a Dollfie Dream head

  1. Is it just as easy to put a DD head back on the body? Do you have to add a lot of pressure to put the head on the post, and is the post strong enough for that?

    I want to swap my resin Lishe head (I have a resin/vinyl hybrid) for a vinyl one and I want to know whether it will be easy to pop a vinyl head on the DDII body I have!

  2. Hi Deccaboo.

    To put a dd head back on the post is very easy, just hold the top of the neck, then firmly put the dd head on the post and push down.

  3. yes, you are right the head post is very questionnable, anyone who saw me take off her head were joking about it: awkward XD, thank you very much for the tutorial!

  4. i’m sorry to disturb again but I noticed some kind of staining on the edge of her head noticed it after how much time? because i would like to know how long she can wear a dark haired wig without staining her head or neck, thank you very much for your time! i’m very sorry for the staining, that’s unlucky ):

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