How to: Make loose shoes fit

Let me set the scene for you. I saw a pair of doll shoes online, “they would be perfect for Saber Alter” I say to myself, but the shoes aren’t labelled as ‘Dollfie Dream’ size. Many doll shoe makers just mark them as SD size or for 1/3 bjd and they are made big enough that they are a general fit for a broad range of dolls, but compared to many bjd, Dollfie Dream’s have quite small feet.

So what do you do? Do you buy them anyway and hope for the best, or pass the item by without giving it a chance? I decided on hope.

So here is the boot I brought. I instantly loved the style and quality of them, but when I put them on Saber Alter there was an obvious problem. The boots were way too big for her! They were so big that she could not even stand in the shoes as her feet were not stable. As you can see in the above image, there was a really large gap (marked by the line) they were huge!

Something had to be done and recently my other half went to the Podiatrist which gave me a great idea. Insoles! I decided to make some insoles to raise the level of the sole which would bring the foot up and make the boot more fitted.

Here is how I did it!

Step 1:

Place your doll shoe on the material you wish to use. I used cardboard as it was free and I like recycling things if I can. Cardboard is everywhere so you can make many different thickness insoles.

Step 2:

Trace around the outside of the shoe. Important Note: If you’re using a light coloured shoe or something with a fabric that will absorb ink, use a pencil instead! I only used a bright pen so it showed up well in my tutorial.

Step 3:

You should be left with a rough outline something like this. Now you want to take a pair of scissors and start cutting the shape out. When cutting, remember that the outside of the shoe will be thicker then the inside, so you will want to cut the insoles inside the lines, rather than on the lines. As an example, in the above image the green line is what I drew, but the white line is where I was cutting.

Make sure you don’t cut off too much at first, you don’t want it to be so small that it is loose inside the shoe, you want a nice snug fit. Cut little by little and keep inserting it until it fits. until it fits.

Step 4:

When I had finished cutting, the insoles should be smaller than the sole of the shoe, as shown above.

Step 5:

Now you have your insoles all cut out, you are ready to place it inside the shoe. Just stuff it in like you would if you were fitting an insoles into your own shoes. If you want it to be permanent you could glue it down, but if you cut it right and it’s not too loose, it should be a snug fit and stay inside on its own without any trouble.

If the cardboard you used does not pad the shoe out enough, make another insole and double it up! I had to do that on this occasion because the shoes were so loose. Works like a charm.

Step 6:

Try the shoe on and marvel at your handy work!

As you can see Alter’s boots fit much better now, her foot is secure enough that she can now also stand up in these boots which was impossible before. If I’m being really picky, it still looks a teenie weenie bit too loose to the eye and could do with one more thin layer which I will do once I track down some thinner cardboard. But for now, I’m glad that this worked.

I will never have doubts when buying shoes again and hopefully now, neither will you!

Happy shoe shopping~


4 thoughts on “How to: Make loose shoes fit

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  2. That’s Great! and even learning what size’s are safe to order ie. Super Dollfie and 1/3 size bjd for a DD is really handy as I’ve kind of Ummm”d and Arrrrr”d over the 1/3 bjd shoe’s. Thank you for sharing this, it means we can all broaden our horizon’s when DD shoe shopping. I always love coming here and reading and learning and the relaxed friendly style of you’re writing and of course the photo’s, it’s great!. Thank you so much for taking the time…

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