How To: Make a Doll Travel Blanket

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share a recent project with you all. Back in November, I went to London to go to a Japanese culture event and to also meet up with some of my Dollfie Dream friends. As I still don’t have a doll carrier, I was really concious about transporting Sakuya to the event safely so I decided to make a protective travel blanket for her.

I got the idea partly from a tutorial on Den Of Angels and partly from one of my friends Jezatron. I sort of merged their two blankets together, then added some of my own elements too. It’s a franken-blanket!

Now I want to note it now that I am NOT a seamstress. I have literally zero sewing experience, this is my very first ever sewing project, it was sewn by hand and I made mistakes. It is not professional quality and I have already established things I would like to do differently next time. Despite the above, the blanket does work perfectly for what it was intended for and I am really super pleased with it!

My main reason for making this post is to show people that they can make something useful and not half bad looking, even without any previous experience. It was a really easy project and I honestly believe that ANYONE could make this.

My materials for this project were as follows:

  • Plain white cotton quilted material
  • White thread
  • White webbing for the edges
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • 2 Sew on press studs
  • 2 Buttons for decoration

On to the process.

First of all I cut my quilting into a square big enough that I could fit a whole Dollfie Dream in the middle diagonally with room to spare around the edges. Because I did this all roughly on my bed, I didn’t do any measurements or anything, I just guessed what looked about right XD;

I then folded the fabric over in half. As you can see, my ‘square’ wasn’t very square at all, so I had to do some trimming to make the shape properly square.







After cutting the edges down, the halves matched up perfectly, so I knew I more or less had a good square. Much better!

Once I had my quilting all cut out, I wrapper Saber up in it before I continued, this was to make sure that the fit was good. I was pleased with how she wrapped up in it, so I was good to continue.

I ended up cutting the overlapping folds as I felt this full on square made the wrap a bit too bulky and inflexible. I didn’t photograph that step but you will see what I mean later on.

Now that I was happy with my base shape, I sewed on my webbing around the edges using a simple running stitch. I did this because otherwise the cotton would have frayed and the fluffy insides would leak out. The reason I went for webbing the edges is because I found it easier to sew, remember I was doing this by hand for the very first time ever.

If you have access to a sewing machine it may be better to fold the edges, then fold them again and sew it down. This would mean the edges were enclosed and would have a tidy finish. I tried this by hand but I simply found it too difficult to hold it all in place and ghet the stitches done as well.

If you did do the folding edges method though, you would need to bear that in mind and cut your fabric large to accommodate the folding!

For the corners of my blanket, I found it tricky to sew one big strip of webbing around the whole thing and going round the corners, again, this is because I am a total beginner and to be honest, pretty clueless. What I opted to do was cut the webbing to fit each edge only, then I cut these small webbing strips for the corners and sewed them on separately.

After the experience working on this blanket, I reckon I could skip this step and just sew it as one big strip, but I wasn’t confident at the time so the above method worked best for me.

Once all the webbing was done I was almost done. All that was left to do was sew on some press studs. I decided I wanted a way to fasten the travel blanket shut, that way it couldn’t unravel in my bag. I almost used ribbons, but I realised that too could come undone in my bag so I figured press studs were my best bet, because I have no idea how to sew a button hole!!!

I also sewed on a button to the top of the blanket, this was purely for decoration, to cover up my sloppy stitching on the press studs XD

And here is the finished product, all wrapped up with a doll inside! It came out almost exactly as I envisioned it and given that it was my first time sewing project, I was totally chuffed with myself!!!

I totally forgot to photograph the making of the head cover, but its built into the blanket and the doll head slips underneath it. This means I don’t have to use a separate face protector. The method is really simple, you simply cut a triangle of fabric that covers the corner of the blanket, then you just sew the pieces together.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you’ll have a go at doing something similar yourself? I really enjoyed making this ans already want to try making something else, it was so much fun! I do still want to get a doll carrier, but I will continue to use this blanket too.


It also doubles up as a perfect clean and safe place to rest your dolls on when meeting up with friends. Put the blanket face down on the potentially dirty surface, then put your doll on the clean soft inside of the blanket. If it gets dirty, you can just wash it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you make one too, I’d love to see pictures. It’s super fun to do and your girls will appreciate it too I’m sure~


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