How to: Guides for Dollfie Deram

To go with all my other Dollfie Dream related care and information tips, I have decided to make and publish some illustrated guides.

There are guides on many places online like personal sites and doll forums. But it can be a pain to search through years of archives on doll forums or old websites, especially when all the links and photos are long broken, never to return. I hope to have a comprehensive list of tutorials and guides, with clear working pictures and easy to understand instructions.

All guides and photo’s used are my own as I don’t approve of plagiarism. I hope you enjoy the current and future guides. Also if you have any feedback or comments, always feel free to ask!


General Care guides:

Dollfie Dream Care



How to: Make a custom Dollfie Violin Case
How to: Remove a Dollfie Dream Head
How to: Remove Dollfie Dream bust parts
How to: Remove/Change doll eyes
How to: Wash wigs


7 thoughts on “How to: Guides for Dollfie Deram

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  2. Hi! just wanted to say thank you for all the great info! It really is helpful for folks starting out in this! keep up the good work! ^^

  3. hi..may ask what is better to use in painting a custom head(ex. for blush,eyelash)??
    what im pointing is like the:

    ZM Make Pastel/ Base Makeup Color
    ZM Acrylics – Make Set

    and what brush to use..
    tnx ^^,

    • I have never used the ZM products so it’s hard to advise about them specifically. As a general rule, most face up artists use a combination of soft pastels, acrylic paints and watercolour pencils. It all comes down to personal preference really. As for brushes, again it’s personal preference, some people prefer natural brushes over synthetic ones, some people prefer teeny tiny brushes for fine detailing, others prefer a thicker more painted look.

      I’d say when it comes to face ups, the best thing is to just try things out and see how you get on, find what works for you and enjoy it ^^

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