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Hi Everyone! Long time no speak!

As I have mentioned before and you have probably noticed, my blog hasn’t been regularly updated for a long time. I just find blogging tedious these days to put together, I much enjoy posting things on my flickr:, twitter:¬†and especially my tumblr.

I have decided to make tumblr my new home. I like to use it for sharing not only my own original content, but for sharing other peoples too! I think it’s a great site and I’ve been using it just over a year now. To go with this change, I have a new domain name as well! You can now find me over at

I can’t go back and redo all my old watermarks, but new pictures will have this domain name on them instead. My old domain, got stolen by someone when it expired and I couldn’t afford to renew at the time. I figured it would be there waiting for me what I was ready, but I guess not as it goes to a really pointless page now and I cannot register it myself any more. I was devastated when I found out, but in the end I decided it was a good chance to start again.

I will now be closing this blog, there will be no further updates after this but I will leave all my old pages and guides intact here.

I have transferred all the guide pages to my tumblr too if you would rather view them there. I will no longer see or respond to comments here, if you want to get in touch, please use my other sites as detailed above. I will still be happy to help.

I hope you will like my new blog as much as you did this one. It is almost sad to officially leave this behind, but I think it is better to have something different that is used all the time, rather than stick to something old and disliked that never gets used.

see you (hopefully) at!

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