Dollfie Dream Care

How to maintain Volks vinyl Dollfie Dream dolls.

I wanted to write a page about basic maintenance/care because many people new to the hobby will make mistakes and sometimes ruin their dolls. Here I aim to offer a simple and easy list of basic care and maintenance for the new collector. This is a separate Dollfie Dream edition, because they are different in some ways.

Staining: Dollfie Dreams can get stained very easily, this is due to them being made of vinyl. Any stains are actually often absorbed into the vinyl which in some cases can make it impossible to remove. Staining is usually a result of poor dye on their clothes/wigs, or stains due to where the dolls has been placed (for example grass and mud stains may occur if photographing your doll outdoors) With Dollfie Dreams there aren’t many ways to prevent and remove stains. Staining mainly occurs with clots that are either very dark (blacks, navy blues and mahogany) and colours which are very bright (fire engine red, bright blues and greens).

  • To prevent clothing stains: You can now buy from Volks a natural toned body stocking, these have become very popular as a way to keep stains off the doll, but because the stocking is a very fine natural tone mesh it doesn’t interfere too greatly with the look of the dolls. This is probably the easiest way to keep your doll stain free and is well worth looking into, especially if you like dark clothing on your dolls
  • If you can’t/don’t want to buy a body stocking then another option would be to  give new clothes a good wash and rinse before your doll wears them, this sometimes removed excess dye and can prevent future staining, although it’s not a guarantee. You can also buy products to lock in colour of you prefer, or you can use the old fashioned method of a vinegar soak and rinse. For the Vinegar method soak the clothes for a few hours in a mix of about 1/2 water, 1/2 white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly after to remove any leftover dye and wash out the smell. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear.
  • Another way to minimize staining is to put the Dollfie Dream into dark clothes when doing a photo shoot, or taking it to events, but when displaying it at home, keep her in light or soft shades of clothes.
  • To prevent wig stains you may also want to use a wig cap, but stains can bleed through a silicone cap so be careful. Volks sell white fabric wig caps especially for dollfie dream’s, if you want you doll to have dark or bright hair I recommend the Volks wig cap. Also cool cat sell DD wig caps too which I have some of and can personally recommend.
  • To remove existing stains: If the doll is already stained then you probably want to remove it. If it is a surface stain then first try using some rubbing alcohol, or colourless acetone free nail polish remover  on  a Magic Eraser.

FYI Magic erasers are those cheap white foam household cleaning sponges. Be careful when using them around painted or coated parts though as it could remove the paint or coating. You can buy them online from some doll supliers and also in supermarket cleaning aisles.

  • If the stain has badly soaked in, your only other option is to get a Benzoil Peroxide based spot/acne cream. You will need to rub some on the stained area and leave it in a semi thick layer. The put the doll up and leave in the sun all day, if you have a Garden or Balcony that gets the sun then that’s perfect, if not leaving her on a window sil would be fine too.  It may not take the stain away first time, but it should at least fade it. You should reapply the treatment and do it again daily until you are satisfied with the state of the stain.

Eye putty: Best things to use for eye putty are

  • Clear silicone ear plugs
  • Artists kneaded erasers
  • White uncoloured poster tac
  • DO NOT USE Super sculpty or similar craft clay products. They can damage and even ruin several types of eyes. Don’t run the risk.

Wig stoppers: It’s annoying when your doll’s wig keep dropping off, so how can we keep it in place?  You’ll be glad to know there are a few ways.

  • Putting an elastic band around your dolls head, but try to avoid coloured bands as they may stain. This gives the wig a thick rim to latch on to.
  • Using a wig cap of appropriate size. You get many wig caps from cloth, mesh and even silicone. It’s usually personal preference which is best.
  • Anti slip mats. You know those waffle like rubber mats for the car and home to stop things slipping about? I hear those cut up and placed inside a wig works a charm.
  • Velcro, you stick one side on the wig and the other side on the dolls head. It makes positioning the wig a bit tricky at first, but one you get the hang of it, nothing holds better.

Wig styling:

  • Brushing: Use a small tooth brush for brushing the wig hair to get rid of stray hairs and tangles.
  • Styling: To actually style the hair, you can use people hair products like gel or spray on the wig, just be careful and use it sparingly. Also try not to get the products onto the face or the vinyl as it could harm it. If you want just a short term styling solution, just damp the wig with a bit of water, press to required style, take pictures as needed then it will just dry out and go back to normal.
  • Washing: If you ever want to wash the wig, then carefully hand wash it in some warm (not hot or boiling) water. Carefully work the shampoo into the fibers of the wig to remove any styling product residue, then rinse thoroughly and put it up to dry.
  • DO NOT ever use a hair dryer to dry it as it could burn and ruin the synthetic fibers of the wig. If you towel dry it, be very careful not to crush or damage the fibers.

Basic care:

  • If you get the doll wet or submerge it in water, make sure you take the doll apart and dry the parts otherwise mould could build up inside, stain and ruin your doll forever.
  • Clean the doll, surface dirt will build up on the doll if you play with it a lot, a simple sponge bath with a magic eraser will bring your doll up brand spanky new in no time.
  • Wash the clothes, after time and wear, doll clothes can become creased, dirty and faded just like human clothes. An occasional hand wash will bring them up a treat, or wash them in the machine, but put in a delicate washing bag, like the ones for bras and socks.
  • Regular Checkups. Every few months or so, I’ll give my dolls an inspection, just to make sure there are no stains, marks or anything else to be concerned about.
  • Never touch the doll with dirty, oily or greasy hands. It’s not pleasant and does the doll no favours either.
  • Don’t touch the face often. If you touch the face a lot then you will break down the face up and it will become damaged and will need to be redone.
  • Never ever EVER use a SHARPIE or similar marker on a doll. NEVER. It will ruin the doll forever.
  • Do not paint doll nails with human nail polish.

So now that you have brushed up on basic care, you can sit back, relax and have fun with your dolls.


62 thoughts on “Dollfie Dream Care

  1. Nyaar: If it is a surface stain then first try using some rubbing alcohol, or colourless acetone free nail polish remover on a Magic Eraser.

    FYI Magic erasers are those cheap white foam household cleaning sponges. Be careful when using them around painted or coated parts though as it could remove the paint or coating. You can buy them online from some doll suppliers and also in supermarket cleaning aisles.

    * If the stain has badly soaked in, your only other option is to get a Benzoil Peroxide based spot/acne cream. You will need to rub some on the stained area and leave it in a semi thick layer. The put the doll up and leave in the sun all day, if you have a Garden or Balcony that gets the sun then that’s perfect, if not leaving her on a window sil would be fine too. It may not take the stain away first time, but it should at least fade it. You should reapply the treatment and do it again daily until you are satisfied with the state of the stain.

  2. Hi Aquilla! I was wondering if you knew how to fix a Dollfie Dreams eyes if they are misalligned. For my Volks custimas, all I had to do was give them a good shake in the direction I wanted the eye to be. Is it the same way for a Dollfie Dream? Thanks!

  3. Hi Punynari!!!

    Volks have this horrible method of fixing the dolls eyes in with hot glue, which hardens to be rock solid and is a royal pain in the bottom to remove. What I usually do first thing is romove the hot glue from the doll. It’s hard but worth it (I need to get round to doing it on my Marya!)

    To get the hot glue out, you need to take the vinyl head cap off, so you can see inside. It’s tedious, but basically just pick away at it until most of it has gone. Once most of it has gone, I suggest putting the eyes back in using something like white poster tac, silicone ear plugs or kneaded erasers, then follow the steps in this little tutorial

    You can use the same method no matter what you use to fix the eyes in place. Hope this helps. Any other questions though, feel free to ask!

  4. Hi, I tried using a bit of nail polish remover (non acetone) on some tiny stains on my DDII, but the stains will not budge :( She’s my first DDII and even though the stains would hardly be noticeable to someone else, I know they’re there and I feel awful about them.

    Do you have any UK brand names of spot creams you can recommend for the heavy-duty treatment?

  5. To be honest Deccaboo, I have never had to use the cream method as my DD’s have not been stained. I have heard people on the den of angels suggest oxy 10, but I’m not sure if thats a product available in the uk.

    All I know is that Benzoil Peroxide is the key ingredient.

  6. Hillary: If the wig is made of natural fibres (most commonly human hair and mohair) then you will be able to dye it using either hair dye or fabric dye.

    If the hair is of synthetic fibre, then it will most likely not dye as synthetic fibres do not absorb colour like natural fibres.

  7. Greetings, I have adopted Dollfie Escalayer recently and I am just starting to look up information for DD care. I see that you suggest that I wash the clothes once before putting them on? I didn’t do that ;x You think I should take the clothes off now and wash them?

    Any help is appreciated :)

  8. I have a question about faceups. I wanted to do it myself, but I am not sure what type of sealer to use. which type is the safest and looks the best?

    • What I use is acetone free nail polish remover and round cotton pads to rub off the existing make up, just like I would when cleaning my nails. To clean tiny or delicate areas, I use a cotton bud on a stick.

      Just carefully and firmly rib the areas you want to remove until its all gone. Once removed, rince the head throughly with clean water just to finish the surface, then you’re ready to coat and start painting.

  9. Hey, aquilla, long time no chat.

    So I want to ask if its ok to use the standatr equipment for curling up human hair on dollfie wigs? I’m not too sure about it, because you said that the hair drier could damage it, and they are all woking on the heat-styling principle…


    • This is a tricky question. With synthetic hair, it is very much a hit and miss thing. Some can be styled with heated products like curlers and straighteners and there will be no problem. However other types of synthetic hair can not tolerate heat at all and the will melt up and go all frizzy and crispy. Once it goes like this there is no way back.

      You may want to test a small patch of hair that won’t be seen, to see if it can handle the heat or not and then if it does frizz up you could trim it away and no one need know any different.

  10. Hello, I’m still new to Dollfie and just adopt Nanoha this morning. Can I ask about vinegar method. So basically we just need to mix white vinegar and water then soak and rinse the clothes? About the wig can only use wig cap?

    Thnx :).

    • Yes, the vinegar soak is just a simple method, soak the clothes for about an hour or so, then just rinse thoroughly in clean water to get rid of any lingering vinegar smells. You can use wigs with or without a separate wig cap. It’s just a personal preference thing really.

      • My friend told me no need to worry much since Nanoha’s clothes is white/ light color. But I’m not sure about the wig. Since you said it’s just a personal preference so it means like “it’s hard to get a wig stain”?

    • YOU HAVE A NANOHA??? how much where they wen they first came out?? i know its been a while (meaning a few months XD) but when i saw that doll on the volks website, i had no idea who it was. and just recently i found out about the anime. i was like.. wait… i swear i saw this as a doll on the volks website… o.o so i looked it up on ebay and now its like 1,600 dollars o[]o
      i was like DAYUM D:<
      i know this is kinda offtopic about everything but im really wondering o3o
      heehee X3 i wish i had a nanoha. though i like subaru the best c:shes so cute and funny X3

      nanoha was adorable as a kid though<3 even though in like every episode she kept saying "my names nanoha. i used to be a normal 3rd grader. then i had a strange encounter and now i have magical powers!"
      that kinda ticked me off XD

  11. hi >_<
    thank god i found this site :D
    my dollfie dream had stains o[]o they were light but… light someone above mentioned, I knew they were there so it bugged me non stop… however, thanks to you i learned about that bonzoyl peroxide stuff X3 i had tons of it (it made my face red so… =w=)
    now its finally gone to good use! X3 thank youuu<3
    ALSO! i made my doll look like Miku Hatsune. her wig is.. well idk if u know this color, but its a seafoam green. (one of my favorite colors<3) which is like a very light green c: but people say its a blue-ish green. ah well. i was wondering, would that stain her head? o.O im really worried about it… D: i cut the end of a white stocking for a head cap, so i was wondering if thatd lower the chances of her getting stains. ;-;

    • Staining can be a bit hit or miss when it somes to wigs, however as a general rule dark andreds are more likely to stain. Lighter colours like pastel tones, blondes and silver wigs are less likely to stain.

  12. hi, i am geting a super dollfie for my brithday well i think, any way the outfit i m getting is black so what should i do? her wig is allso black by the way. i am going to be new to dollfies so i need to have some help what should i do?

  13. Hey aquilla,

    I wanted to ask you – what UK product you’d recommend for getting rid of stains?

    I should probably get both a surface-stain remover, and some spot cream, but I’m not sure what makes / brands to get and from where.

    Any ideas?
    Many thanks :)

    • To be honest I’m not sure of exact brand names, although I’ve heard Oxy 10 works. As far as I know though, anything with Benzoil Peroxide in it should do the same trick as I believe that’s the active ingredient.

      • I have no experience in using Benzoil Peroxide with dolls, but I used to use products like Oxy10 for acne treatment. I spilled some of it on my carpet a few times and it bleached it out pretty good (or BAD actually).
        I would think that if it could do that to the carpet, then using it on vinyl doll skin should be somewhat similar (if anything, slower).

        I would recommend not getting the doll’s wig and clothes anywhere near the stuff though… AND WASH YOUR HANDS after using it or else you may bleach YOUR clothes, furniture… anything basically.

        (BTW, my first BJD, which isnt a Dollfie, is on order. I found this page while looking to see what I would have to do to take care of her.)

  14. Hi! I’ve read through everything you wrote about Dollfie Dream. This may sound a bit funny, but I have a question and I would like some advice from someone who knows a lot about DD. I’m a total beginner with dollfies, but fortunately I got the chance to buy one finally. My question is that if I order a base body, a head and a wig + eyes, is it complicated to put them together? I mean are there some special tools and materials that are necessary for putting the parts together? (Especially putting the head on the body) I saw many tools and materials on volks website, but I couldn’t find any information on this matter. (My problem is, I don’t have too much money. I got the chance of buying one after longing for it for years now, because my relatives want to give it to me as a present all together. But there’s nothing related to DD around where I live, no owners, no companies, no websites…) Sorry I wrote too much… ^_^”””
    Yours sincerely

    • For DD you don’t need any special tools to put them together, it’s dead simple. I have a guide for attaching and removing DD heads and another one for putting in eyes too, check them out:

      Most of the tolls on Volks website are to help with the Resin dolls as they can be very tricky what with the elastic inside and all but DD are structurally much more easier to take care of. Pretty much everything can just be pulled off and pushed back into place with no hassle or worries.

      As for the wig, it’s pretty straightforward, every wig is different but it should stretch over the head ok. I find it easiest to hold the front end of the wig to the dolls forehead and then pull it down over the back and sides of the head, then just wiggle it about to adjust as needed. It’s simple once you get the hang of it ^^ I promise.

      • Thank you! Now my only worries will be about the transfer, hope it will get here in one piece… (Too bad I can’t buy one in person T_T) Thanks again!

  15. Hi, I’m not sure if you already answerd this question or not but:
    I just got a dollfie. It didnt have any original stains. I didn’t touch the face or have anything on my hands while touching it. I looked at it the next day, and it has purple specks on the face. I tried using everything you said, but it hasn’t seemed to go away. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks ^.^

  16. heyy its me agaaiinn.
    i have a… HUGEEE problem… i wanna redo my dollfies faceup cause it got destroyed.. DX and somehow, this huge orange spot appeared on her chin. (i was re-doing her faceup. but i didnt even USE an orange pastel =-=)
    and theres black on the sides of her head cause well… pastels are messy…
    my friend suggested getting the same color paint as her skin, and then just putting it over and blending it. and then starting it over. but im just wondering if its possible to fix it without covering it with paint. any ideas? :c

    • It’s hard to advise since we don’t know how the stain got there or even what it is. If you’ve already tried the magic eraser and cream options, then you could try a light sanding with fine grade sandpaper since it might be just a surface stain. If none of this works then I think your only other option would be blushing the face to match the colour, or somehow adjusting the faceup to work around it.

      If you are on the Den of Angels forum, try looking in the customising forums for help. Profession customisers may have some better ideas!

  17. Hi!

    I just adopted my first Dollfie today. She’s a Yoko DDy.
    I just wanted to thank you for your AMAZING tips. I haven’t clothed her yet so I will take the steps you mentioned.

    One question I have is regarding that some people suggested lining the inside of Yoko’s bikini top and dark blue shorts where the material makes contact with the skin. They never mentioned what to use though.

    Due to the amount of exposure on Yoko’s body, I believe a full body suit would look that great.

    Any suggestions? I was thinking about using a clear or white vinyl tape and mask off the inside of the clothes.

    • I’ve not had to deal with an outfit like Yoko’s in person, but I do remember seeing someone who lined the insides of her outfit set with masking tape and it prevented staining for them. I also know some people use that clingy plastic food wrap around the dolls where the dark clothes will come into contact as a stain prevention. So I guess either of those should work without spoiling Yoko’s wonderful body lines ^^

  18. hi.I was wondering what happens if you paint your doll with nail polish on the nails?and do they make nail polish for DDs?

    • I do not know the effects of nail polish on vinyl, but I do know it is harmful on resin dolls and people always advise not to use it. If you want to paint your dolls nails, then I suggest using acrylic paint and coating it with a layer of clear tamiya x22 gloss for that shiny nail polish effect.

  19. HI! I was wondering if you can help-
    I know someone whos dollfie dream noticed that a pin located on the knee joint has slipped out- and it now stuck halfway out. Can you think of a way to fix this?
    Thank you so much :)

  20. Hi!^__^ I just Ordered my fisrt DD Yukino and would like to know if I need to buy eye putty (or something else will do) or do her eyes come already in place. And also do I need to buy any other tools. Thank you! :D

    • Hiya! First off, congratulations on the new addition. I bet you’ll just love her. Now to answer your question, you shouldn’t actually need any tools to go with her. I believe her eyes are already glued in by Volks and her body is fully assembled when she arrives. All you’ll need to do is dress her up and put her wig on, neither of which require any tools.

  21. Hi. I’m getting my first BJD from volks for my b-day and I have been admiring the dolls online for a while. I heard staining was easy with dark clothes so I’ve been looking into it and someone on another site was wondering if anyone thinks that maybe sealing the entire doll like you do when you paint the face could make cleaning the stains easier. I got my dollfie some dark clothes so I’m really worried and would probably cry and get depressed if my baby girl gets stained first day. I’m not worried about her hair staining cause I’m rooting her white hair when she gets here. <3 Any way, I would love an answer soon. Bye.

    • You can seal the whole doll if you want to, it does help a bit but it rubs off and you have to reapply it. Personally I think it’s a hassle because for a start, I can’t be bothered to take my dd to pieces and rebuild it. I’d rather just use whatever clothes I like without worrying about stains. If a stain happens I only care if it’s in a visible place. If it’s not visible with clothes/wig on then I won’t bother removing it. But I’m lazy like that.

  22. Pingback: Dollfie Stains | dollfiehome

  23. Hi aquilla!
    I just removed some stains from my boy’s body using nail polish and the areas with stains removed have a lighter skin tone than the rest of the body. Is this normal? I’m worried that I damaged the doll. :(

    • I don’t really deal with resin dolls any more, so I can’t really answer your question. Try asking on a bjd forum like the Den of Angels, you should get a correct answer there ^^

  24. Ei aquilla,

    1st off i wanted to thank you for this wonderfull guide. Its a great help for 1st time owners like myself. just adopted my 1st dollfie dream, Amaha Miu DDdy, and i’ve been using your guide to take care of her. I just have a question, how do i clean her face without messing up her make-up? thanks so much for the help :D

    • It’s best not to really touch the face because it’s very hard to remove stains from the face without messing up the face up. When handling my dolls, I have clean hands and when positioning their heads, I will hold them by their ears and chin, because if either of those areas did get dirty, it’s not a problem to wash off.

      If it’s not 100% necessary I wouldn’t try to clean the face, if you absolutely have to, I would be extremely careful, try wash it off with water and a soft cloth first, if that doesn’t work, you could try using a small amount of nail polish remover on a fine tipped cotton bud and lightly wiping away the stain, but be super careful because it’s easy to smudge the face up with it!

  25. Hey aquilla!

    Hope you don’t mind a question on fixing DDs… I didn’t see this addressed in your post, but I apologize if it’s already been answered. ^ ^;
    I was following your guide on how to remove the DD head and eyes, and while removing the head from the body, it jolted out of my hand, hit the corner of my computer, and scratched the cheek. T_T I’m kind of panicking, cause I don’t know what to do or if this is even fixable. It’s not a deep scratch, but the surface is obviously shiny where it was grazed… Do you know how to repair this?

    Thanks in advance!

  26. Hi Aquilla, I am about to get my first DD and im kind of nervous about doing the face-up. Do you have any tips on how not to mess up on it? thx, btw, great tips!

  27. Hey, I’m currently looking into getting my my second doll. I want to base him off a character i designed a long time ago. My Only problem stopping me from going though with it is I’m not entirely sure if it possible to give dolls “tattoos”. The design Of the the character has black “tribal” Markings all over his body.

    If dolls can have “tattoos” What is the best way to do it. And if its something a pro should do, who/what is a good place to check.

    • Just like on a faceup you can paint or draw on in colored pencil (nothing oil-based, of course!) the design, layering with Mr. Super Clear or your choice of clear finish.
      I’ve heard you can also use the tattoos for people, like the ones you can buy in bubblegum machines. Follow the same instructions as you would for skin.
      Hope that helps ^^

  28. My DD Rin Tohsaka’s right eye brow has a little fade, is there a way to touch up? What kind of tools do you recommended?

    • To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t super noticeable, I wouldn’t try to patch it up at all and on a head as rare and Valuable as Rin, I wouldn’t want to do anything to it for fear of ruining it.

      You would be better of perhaps asking someone with more experience in face ups and modifications.

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