All about: Dollfie Dream’s

I thought it would be nice to post some information about Dollfie Dream’s, for anyone who might wander by or wants to know more about them comes here.

What is a Dollfie Dream: Dollfie Dream is a type of Doll produced by Volks Inc ( they also have a smaller version called Mini Dollfie Dream. Dollfie Dreams are anime styled dolls. Volks make some standard issue Dollfie Dreams and also option parts but most of the Dollfie Dream’s are licensed anime or game characters and sell as limited editions at the Volks events.

At the moment Volks produce three different types of full Dollfie Dream dolls. These are as follows:

  • Standard Models: At the moment the only two standard models are Aoi and Yukino. They are a standard release product and are unlimited. The come with eyes, wig, face up and underwear.
  • Limited Image Character dolls: Volks have some original characters which are DD, but unlike the standard models, the limited dolls are made in small runs and usually available at a Dollpa or after event only. They usually come with a full outfit set, eyes, wig, face up and shoes.
  • Limited Licensed Character dolls: The Licensed dolls are the limited releases that are usually based of anime, or game characters. They are individual head sculpts and come with a full set of eyes, wig, clothes and shoes to match the character it is portraying. These dolls again are limited and usually only available at Dollpa’s or after events. Recently however, with the Gurren Lagann Dollfie Dream and the White Album Dollfie Dream’s, Volks have sold the dolls on an open pre order basis.

Apart from the full dolls detailed above, Volks also make 5 standard head types, heads 01, 02, and 03 come in both Normal skin and white skin varieties and also are available with both open or closed eyeholes. The 04 type head is currently available in normal skin with open eyeholes. There is also another option head which is different from all the other in shape and style, she has closed eyeholes and comes with pre rooted hair.

For more information on the different dolls, be sure to read the Dollfie Dream Character List,

What are they made of: Volks Dollfie Dream dolls are made of a medium type vinyl (it’s not hard and rigid, but not soft and squishy either) and they have a plastic internal skeleton which enable them to move and hold poses. They generally come in both Normal skin which is a natural skin tone and white skin which is a creamy white (not paper white). They are also a couple of limited dolls who have a slight tan skin tone.

How big are they: Dollfie Dream’s measure at about 55cm/21 1/2 inches. This size gives them quite a presence, but because they are made of Vinyl and plastic they are very lightweight and easy to handle.

What can you do with them: Dollfie Dream’s are made for customization. They have interchangeable eyes, their hair consists of wigs (not pre-rooted hair like Barbie or similar dolls) and the heads can be painted by the owner to achieve unique looks and styles. Volks sell Animetec eyes for the dolls which are acrylic eyes made with anime style many people also custom make their own unique eyes.

Because of the way their body is designed (as mentioned earlier, medium vinyl with a hard plastic internal skeleton) they are very pose able and once posed they will hold it well because the skeleton will not move itself. This makes them very popular as display pieces, photography subjects, artist models and more.

What clothes do they wear and where do I get the wigs: Volks make a range of clothes for the Dollfie Dream’s and you can buy these at Volks events and on the website. There are also many people who make and sell clothes for the dolls on Yahoo Japan and some people even have their own shops. If you can sew, you could also design and make your own clothes for the dolls.

As for the wigs, you can get wigs for Dollfie dream’s from most doll retailers. Volks make their own range of wigs, but you can also buy from any doll shop too. A dollfie dream head measures 8-9 inches, so make sure you buy wigs in that size. Anything bigger or smaller would not fit. Searching for BJD or Dollfie wigs on google will bring you lots of results.

What about shoes: As always Volks make their own range of shoes, but its nice to have more choice. Buying doll shoes for any doll can be a bit hit or miss, but generally shoes labelled to be super dollfie, SD or 1/3 size should fit ok. Dollfie dream feet are quite slender, so wearing tights or socks usually helps. Azone and Obitsu 60cm doll shoes also fit Dollfie Dream’s quite well.

So, where can we actually buy them: Well first off, you can buy the Standard model Dollfie Dreams from Volks: of course.

The only way to get any of the limited Dollfie Dreams from Volks is to attend their Dollpa Events and buy them there. All the limited anime and game Dollfie Dreams are limited editions and are only sold at Dollpa events. If on the rare occasion all the dollfie dreams do not sell at the dollpa, then any leftover go up for sale on the Volks international site, but from there they usually sell out very quickly.

Aside from buying directly from Volks, you can also get Dollfie Dream’s on the second hand market. You get lots of Dollfie Dream’s on yahoo Japan, also most doll forums have a market place where members can sell their dolls, so its good to keep an eye peeled there too.

What about the Mini Dollfie Dream’s mentioned earlier: Mini Dollfie dream dolls are basically the same in all aspects above, except they aren’t as tall and they take a different shoe and clothes size. A mini Dollfie Dream is about 42cm / 16 1/2 inches tall and instead of taking Super Dollfie or SD sized shoes, a Mini Dollfie Dream will wear Mini Super Dollfie or MSD shoes.

Mini Dollfie Dreams have the same head and eye sizes as the bigger Dollfie Dreams, so they can perfectly use the same eyes and wigs as the larger dolls.

So what Limited dollfie dream’s have been released so far:

For a full list of all limited and non limited dollfie dreams click here!


24 thoughts on “All about: Dollfie Dream’s

  1. you know a lot about Volks it seems, that’s impressive
    I have a few Custama P but I did not like them very much
    did not come with interchangeable hands, did not even come with a stand
    But I did not know there were so many dollfires
    Now I want some dollfires…
    Do you know a good way to make the Custama P’s sit down?
    or have u painted any of the resin parts?

  2. I’ve not owned a Volks Custom P so sadly I can’t give any help or advice about them.

    I have painted both resin and vinyl parts before. I use chalk pastels, artist grade acrylic paints, watercolour pencils and Mr Super clear flat uv cut for coating.

  3. Hi Pirsey. I personally think this page and my other dollfie dream pages contain everything you need to know as a beginner to the Dollfie Dream world.

    I didn’t want my pages to be too in depth, because then newer people may not read or understand all of it, so I decided upon a condensed version.

    For more information, there sadly aren’t many international Dollfie Dream communities, however the Dollfie Dream Yahoo Group is very good and probably the best Dollfie Dream community out there that I have found. You can see it under my blog roll.

    The Den of Angels is also a great bjd resource, however even though Dollfie Dream posts are allowed there, they aren’t seen or talked about much. There are still some hidden gems tucked away though. You can also see it under my blog roll. recently began getting a lot of posts about dollfie dream, but it’s mainly people showing pictures about their dolls and isn’t such a good resource for help, tips or discussion on Dollfie Dream. Still worth visiting though as it’s a great site.

    If you still have any further questions though, please do feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help.

  4. Hello,
    (@wolfheinrich I know you from dannychoo, hehehe)

    I wanted to ask about wig maintenance, I recently got DD Nia, and she has beutiful curls, but as I put on and take off the wig frequently it tends to get a bit messy. What do you recommend?

    thank you:D

  5. Hi, I do face-ups for friends and now I was asked to redo a vinyl DD head, but since I’ve never handled those before I was wondering how to remove the previous face-up and such.

    • If the DD head was sealed correctly before the previous face up, then removal shouldn’t be a problem. Remove it the same way you would a face up on a resin head. If the dd was not sealed before painting however, there may be staining. If it’s stained, then read my Dollfie Dream Care guide for how to remove them.

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  7. I’m really interested in buying a DD. Someone around my area is willing to sell me the body, head, and eyes. But do you know of any websites or other services that specializes in custom face-ups for DDs?

  8. Hello,
    you said that some people customize their own dollfie dream eyes, do you know how? and if yes, have you posted a tutorial to make them? I’ve been wanting to make my own dollfie dream eyes but I don’t have a clue what i need and how make some. And also i don’t like a circle iris for a DD but an oval shape/long shape. I really aprreciate you reading my post! great job, btw.

  9. I wanted to get one but damn it’s rough on me because import customs charged ridiculously high here…

    Maybe i should just go there and hand carry one back home T^T

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  11. Can u help me out with the measurements?? I want to buy my Iplehouse doll Emilia shoes from Dollfie Dreams, I need the feet measurement length, please help me thanks in advance :)

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