All About: Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream dolls are produced exclusively by Volks Inc.  The have been around for a while now and this year in 2010, Volks are celebrating the 7th anniversary of the Dollfie Dream line. Outside of Japan, Dollfie Dreams had very limited popularity and were rare and hard to come by for international fans, however in the last year or two, there has been a big boom in Dollfie Dream ownership and they are becoming much more widely accepted and appreciated in the doll scene. There is a large community of Dollfie Dream owners now and you can find us regularly on sites like Flicker, and more recently deviant art, to name but a few.

For more information on the different dolls, their care and some basic information, be sure to read the links below.

Dollfie Dream:

All about Dollfie Dream

Dollfie Dream Maintenence/Care

Dollfie Dream Character list


Buying the essentials for dollfie dream


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