Aquilla’s Dolls

I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to the dolls that I currently own. I find it interesting knowing what dolls other people have, so I thought I’d put all mine together on one page too with some info about them, for anyone who may be interested, or just curious.




Name: Lilly

Sex: Female

Doll mold: Volks Dollfie Dream Yashiro Kasumi

Skin tone: White

Eyes: default  Yashiro Kasumi eyes, 22mm

Wig: Short grey wig cut and styled by me

Faceup: Default Volks

Esthetics: Legs modded to fix loose feet




Name: Suki

Sex: Female

Doll mold: Azone Pure Neemo Yuno

Eyes: Factory default printed brown eyes

Hair: Short light brown rooted hair

Faceup: Default

Esthetics: Replaced original Pure Neemo body with an Obitsu 21cm body




Name: Mia

Sex: Female

Doll mold: Mama Chapp doll

Eyes: Factory default printed blue eyes

Hair: Long medium brown rooted hair

Faceup: Default

Esthetics: None



4 thoughts on “Aquilla’s Dolls

  1. Your dolls are beautiful. i only have one doll at the moment. i haven’t yet named her. she is a DD base body II. i did her faceup last week. i was happy with how it turned out.

  2. Your dolls are so pretty and cute x.x i want one so bad now, do you know if theres anywhere in the UK to actually buy them? or do i have to use my paypal account n buy put of UK? x.x Also which place would you reccomend for a first time doll for a first time buyer? =)

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