About Aquilla

Hi, Aquilla here.

I am 20 something years old. In my spare time I most enjoy photography, that’s why I’m here. My favourite subjects are my dolls and my anime figures, as you will notice by the content of my blog,  however I also love to photograph landscapes, nature and animals/wildlife given the chance.

I recently brought  a Sony a350 digital SLR camera with kit lens and am using it to learn more advanced equipment and also photographic techniques as I found a point and shoot camera was beginning to feel very limiting.

My aim is to enhance not just my picture quality, but also the enjoyment and satisfaction I get out of personal photography.


Birthday: February 14th

Gender: Female

Blood Type: A+

Aquilla’s Dolls


20 thoughts on “About Aquilla

    • At the moment I no longer own any resin dolls, I still like resin bjd and lurk DOA and all the companies sites but I’ve not been inclined to buy any more for a while. At the moment I have 4 Dollfie Dream dolls and I like this them because although they can be harder to buy for and much more expensive then many resin bjd, I like their look a lot. They are also much lighter and easier to take out and about, even in pairs! Something which I found difficult to do with my resin dolls, a 60cm resin doll is very heavy to me, but dollfie dreams are super light and easy. I’ve also got a few 1/6 scale dolls who are tiny, cute and super portable, not to mention their clothes are a lot cheaper!

  1. Hi, I came here from an entry on figures.fm

    Having seen Chun’s, DannyChoo’s and now your’s. I’m definitely finding these dollfies really cute. I’m new to these, and was wondering where you got these really cute one’s from? (My fav is Danny’s Aoi-chan, sorry).

    Also… how tall are they? In some photo’s I’ve seen, they must be what, nearly 1’9″ or so?

    How much are they to ‘adopt’? I have so much I want to know but no idea where to look. I hope you can help.


    • There are many different Dollfie Dream in varying price ranges. If you really like Aoi, then thats a pretty good basic place to start as she is a standard model offered by Volks and will come with eyes, wig, underwear and a dress. She’s regularly in stock at both Volks USA and Volks international.

      Dollfie Dreams are roughly 60cm tall, just under 2ft although in a strange way they look much bigger in person, they have quite a strong presence.

      As for adopting a DD, prices vary, if you want to customise yor own doll then it could work out cheaper buying a seperate DD body and head and piecing it together yourself, this works out to about 25000 yen, but bare in mind buying wig, eyes and outfits will bump the price up and could be more or less expensive depending what brands you buy.

      Aoi and Yukino are, as mentioned the standard models and retail from Volks at 34000 yen which includes eyes wig and a basic outfit so shes not nakie.

      If you want to go for a limited DD brand new, then you’re looking at between 50000-60000 yen on average, although on the second hand market the prices are considerably more and some even go for 2000000 yen (that is not a typo, some really do sell for so much). Good second hand places to buy are yahoo japan auctions and mandrake, although both can be very pricey (and addictive too).

      I think that pretty much covers the basic answers to your questions. If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to ask ^-^

      • Thans for the information, these are seriously expensive! Wow!

        I think I might be better off with a standard one first, if I built a custom one then I think it would cost me more in the end (I might buy something that doesn’t fit! That’s just my luck)

        Aoi is super cute, the only thing that puts me off her is the mouth, she looks so sad. I will look at them though.

        So for a standard DD you’re talking about… £260 or so, and that’s before customs and excise add their bit. I better start saving money.

        Oh, another quick question, how study are the ball joints? I’ve seen photo’s of some people’s DD’s standing upright and holding things, but without any kind of stand? I didn’t think that would be possible.

        • Yes, they are a pretty expensive hobby, but I think most owners would agree it’s worth it in the end. Some people spend hundreds of pounds on designer handbags or model airplanes, I spend hundreds on dolls instead XD Aoi is quite a pouty thing and even Yukino isn’t exactly smiling, it would be nice if Volks added a nice smiling girls as a standard model ^^

          As for customs, if you’re in the UK (which I guess you are since you used £) you can look at spending anywhere from about £60-£150 on fees, depending on the value of the parcel, so it’s important to bare this in mind and set some extra money aside.

          DD are very sturdy, I actually don’t have a stand for my DD, every photo on m,y blog and flickr stream have been taken without any stands or stability aids for the dolls. It can take some preactice to get the balance right, but one you get them standing they’re usually quite happy to stay standing (unless it’s windy XD). I would like to get a stand eventually so I can do more dynamic one leg poses and such, but for now I can do without one.

          • Thanks, I’m guessing you are UK too as you know the fees. Maybe I can get my g/f to buy one in a Volks store in Japan and bring it with her on the flight… belated birthday present perhaps haha

            Oh, sorry to bombard you, but so far you are the most responsive and polite person I’ve spoken to about DD’s. Some others have been quite rude and expected me to just ‘know’ everything. They had an ‘elitist’ attitude.

            I heard they are vinyl based and can stain and things. Is there somewhere I can read up on how to look after them to not cause that?

            Yukino looks pouty too, but not as much as Aoi. I will have a good look later I think… outside working hours (company policy etc :( )

            Thanks for being very friendly!

            • Yeah, I’m in the UK too :) I live on the south coast. I always try to reply to questions asked at my blog and even if I don’t know all the answers, I’ll always reply even if it’s just to say ‘sorry I don’t really know’. I just think it’s the decent thing to do ^^;\ Everyone has to learn somehow right? There are some not so nice people in the doll community but there are lots of nice people too, really there are.

              I wrote everthing I know about stain prevention and removal in a blog post, here: http://aquilla429.co.uk/all-about-bjd/all-about-dollfie-dreams/dollfie-dream-maintenancecare/

              That covers all I know so if it’s not there, you’ll have to find someone else to ask XD; sorry.

        • Dollfies are a rabbit hole, to be sure! Both of my daughters are limited releases based on characters (Rin and Yoko). If you’re lucky enough to catch a lottery on release, the damage isn’t as bad. Those will run about US$600 for the entire package, which includes doll, custom head, outfit, and wig.

          Yoko, on the other hand, I bought in the second hand market from Mandarake in Japan. She cost me 78,000 yen… Granted, she came with a really large rifle, but it still wasn’t cheap. XD

          For photography, I’ve learned to use a stand that is tripod-mountable. That allows you to raise the doll up and give a different perspective.

          It is a fun hobby though, but can get extremely expensive. Outfits and accessories can easily cost the same or more as their real life counterparts!

          • I really must get/make a tripod mountable stand, it’s such a great idea and would open up a while new world of possibilities. It is a bit of a rabbit hole affair, but as you say it really is a super fun hobby and I’m thoroughly enjoying it even after 5 years!

            • The DollfieWorld stand is definitely worth it for outdoor shooting. It also gives me a reason to keep around my old tripod that doesn’t support the heavy DSLR.

              The other interesting stand is the thigh stand from Cool Cat. I love the super small footprint and means I can use space more efficiently inside the display case!

            • The only problem with the DW stand is that it’s so expensive, it’s $57 compared to the $36 thigh stand I want. It’s a lot of extra money just for a small hole and a nut.

              I’m thinking of buying the cool cat stand and having a go at modding it to be like the DW stand.

            • It is a bit pricey… Fortunately, the DW stand and the official Volks stands have near interchangable parts, so the saddles can be switched. Unfortunately, the CC stand has a different type of base and can’t be used on anything else.

              I’d be wary of drilling through it since the base is a solid piece of plexiglass (or some other heavy clear plastic material) and adding something directly in it would compromise the look. You might be able to get away with adding a piece to the bottom, like a piece of wood that’s the same size and drilling through that.

            • What I was thinking is like, making a platform out of wood with the attachment for a tripod, then I could attach that to the tripod and stand the doll + stand on top of the platform. I figure it should work since it would be the same as like placing it on a shelf.

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